Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The aftermath ...

For all you interested readers - here's my recount from a night at Sunny Sky's.

First things first - this cool guy greets you as you approach the shop on 55. I mean what is cooler than a ice cream cone wearing shades?
Being as childish as 20-somethings can be, we dared the "new guy" in our office to eat the Cold Sweat ice cream. And he being the champ that he is took us up on it. So the waiver was signed and the kiddie cone was presented. Yes - they will only serve the Cold Sweat ice cream in the kiddie size. He began eating it proclaiming that it wasn't so bad. But then the nose started running and the eyes started watering. It was obvious that it was pretty hot. Well we couldn't let him suffer though our entire outing so I ran into get him a mint chocolate chip. While inside, the rest of the group took a lick - they all were not happy when I returned. The poor cone ended up face down in a Route 44 cup from Sonic.
Those are whole peppers you see peeking out!

But other than that adventure I have to say that Sunny Sky's will be getting our business again. It was some of the best ice cream I have ever had. I got the Oatmeal Cookie flavor and S tried out two with Strawberry Cheescake and Peanut Butter Fudge. I taste tested a bunch too and they were all excellent (minus the banana pudding - not my favorite). They have so many flavors that they are not all displayed at the counter, hence the list on the porch.
So a dare was taken, ice cream was devoured, fun was had and of course t-shirts were bought. All equaling an excellent evening out with friends.

If you are ever just North of Angier on NC 55 stop by Sunny Sky's Homemade Ice Cream - but DO NOT try the Cold Sweat!

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