Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DIY silhouettes ...

I am sure you have seen silhouettes showing up all over the place as a DIY project. Well I decided to give it a try for our bedroom. My inspiration was from the owners of three potato four. I saw the sneak peek of their home on Design *Sponge and loved the way they had incorporated their family "portrait" at their stair case. Click here for their instructions. I have adjusted them a little below because I didn't follow theirs exactly.

What you’ll need:
- A side profile photo (I took one of each of us - including the dog - just for this project. That way we were all facing the same way and there was a solid color background.)
- Xacto Knife
- Photoshop or another photo editing software
- Glue Stick or double sided tape
- Black Acid-Free Cardstock Paper
- Scrapbooking paper or wallpaper
- Picture frame


1. Download the photo(s) you took and open them with Photoshop. Select the background and delete it so that all that is left is your silhouette. Max out the contrast and darkness so you get a black silhouette on a white background.

2. Next, print the photo. You skip step one and just trace the colored photo but the black and white one makes it a little easier. Remember when you are printing to keep in mind the size of your frame.

3. Tape the print down to the black card stock.

4. Cut your silhouette out using the x-acto knife. If you need to adjust your tape so that the printed photo stays secured to the cardstock.

5. Then take your finished silhouette and mount it to the scrapbook paper. You should cut this down to the size of the frame prior to attaching the silhouette. Use the glue stick or double sided tape to secure your silhouette.

6. Place in your frame and enjoy!

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ev dekorasyonu said...

looks very stylish, thank you for sharing with us:)