Monday, August 10, 2009

Argyle ...

1. Plush dog bone toys - Big Dog Boutique 2. Placemats - India Rose 3. Melamine plate - Preppy Plate 4. Sweater Jacket - Banana Republic 5. Flats - Jessica Bennett 6. Sweater dress - Old Navy 7. Umbrella - Old Navy 8. Pillows - Pottery Barn

I know I'm on the last wave of this fashion statement, but I just can't help it. Argyle has been around for a few seasons now but I keep feeling myself drawn to it. I was at Old Navy this past weekend and tried on everything they had in argyle (I only bought one though - restraint!)

I might have to blame this obsession on the First Lady. Michele Obama always looks so put together and she has been known to wear some argyle. Do you have a favorite print that no matter what you want to have around?

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