Monday, August 3, 2009

Short post ...

Sorry this post will have to be a short one. I have a bunch of stuff I "need" to blog about but I just haven't had the time to sit down and do it. Tonight some co-workers and their significants are headed to Sonic for a hotdog and tator tots - which may or may not be covered in chili AND cheese. Then we are making the trek down to Angier to visit Sunny Skies Homemade Ice Cream. Their claim to fame is the Cold Sweat flavor - it's made with habenero peppers. I will NOT be trying that one. (I love how the cold sweat has it's own website.)

I do want to point out to everyone if you are interested - it's design*sponge's 5th anniversary. Grace has come up with this great thank you to all her readers. Each month a new artist will create a unique wallpaper for your computer. This month's design is by Deanne Cheuk. The dark watercolor adores my work computer for this month. I am looking forward to the new design each month.

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Conversation Pieces said...

Ewww to cold sweat ice-cream... that is so wrong! Hope someone tastes it just so I can hear how wrong it is ;)