Friday, July 31, 2009

Music and food ...

Check out this article I found on MNN. Not only is Jason Mraz a great musician but he's a farmer. Or at least grows his own avacados - yummy. Quite a cool tidbit and I also enjoyed reading about all the rest of the farmers under 40.
Growing up my grandparents always had a garden in their backyard. I spent a lot of time helping my Popo tend to all the vegetables and fruits. They would also buy what they didn't grow from local farms to can or turn into jams, etc. I have fond memories of sitting on the back patio with my mom and grandma snapping beans and shucking corn. Moments like that have given me respect for where my food comes from and the hard work that went into it.

I want to be able to have that at my own house. S and I are planning on starting our own little vegetable garden in the back next spring. I have decided on the spot for it in our postage stamp of a back yard. This fall we are going to remove the bush, etc. from the area and start getting it ready for the spring. I am thinking it might be best to elevate it slightly, but I will have to look into that - it might cause standing water under our deck which is never a good thing.

I think we will grow:
Corn (not sure if this will work with our space restraints)
Herbs - but I will put these up on the deck in pots to keep them away from the rabbits
Do you have a garden? What do you grow?

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