Saturday, July 25, 2009


So I am slightly disheartened to post this afternoon. I went to yard sales this morning and in the back of my mind I was going to post a picture of some great find that I found on my adventure. BUT I bought nothing, and I am pretty sure that people just have junk - or at least that is what they were getting rid of today.

But let's not let my failure at yard sale shopping ruin today's post. Once again (if not every day of my life) etsy provides me access to some amazing artists all over the world. Today however I have discovered a sculptor/ceramic artist just down the road in Asheville - elementclaystudio.

I just adore how nature has inspired everything in her shop. I especially am drawn to the sea urchin below. I love how she has left the exterior unglazed and then inside the bowl is a pop of this beautiful ocean blue glaze. I enjoy how she has captured the texture of the sea urchin. The texture grabs your attention and she has utilized that in many of her other pieces.

I also must post this series of pears from her collection, because of the name of this blog (which I will need to get around to explaining one of these days). Once again I love how simple and clean her work is. I can just imagine a cluster of these pears displayed on my mantel.

I hope to meet you some day Heather when I am up that way and visit your studio. Until then keep up the amazing work! Not sure if I will be motivated to get out early next weekend, BUT maybe next Saturday I will have something to post from a less junky yard sale experience - maybe.

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