Thursday, July 30, 2009

Table search ...

So I am currently on the search for an outdoor table for our back deck. We have lived in our house for 4 years and still have nothing more than 4 foldable chairs for seating. And let me note its a big deck and part of the reason we bought the house - but anyway.

One day at Lowe's I found these cool retro chairs in green and blue.The key here is they have some bounce to them. S won't let me buy outdoor furniture unless the chairs bounce - it's a rule. Also the chairs are SUPER CHEAP - only $35 a piece - a bonus. I have always like the 50's style cast iron patio furniture, especially the gliders. Like these from Vintage Gliders - aren't the back cut outs just neat and the fact that they are restored is amazing.

But like I mentioned I need to keep this purchase on the cheap side. Now the problem with the cool, cheap chairs from Lowe's is the table that goes with them is tiny. We were hoping to buy 4 chairs and a dining table, but no such luck.

So here are a few tables that I have been eyeing for inspiration if anything:

Overlap dining table from West Elm (sold out)
Fusion Tribu Dining Table by Henry Hall (super expensive)

Parson's table from West Elm (not for outdoors)

Now check out those chairs - I have been obsessed with them since I saw this picture. Of course CB2 doesn't carry them anymore - just my luck.

So what are your thoughts? Any suggestions on another table? Votes for one of these? Where I can find these awesome CB2 chairs?

Let the search continue.

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