Tuesday, July 21, 2009

After Supper blogging

As I promised here is the real blog for today. I wish I could blog at work but I think that would just not be a good idea. Maybe if things slow down that can fill my time. But for now I will just have to wait for the evenings or after-supper.

And while I'm on the subject I think that supper is a word that just doesn't get used enough. I think I will start using it on a regular basis. Not sure if I will replace lunch with dinner, but I think supper will definitely be a nice addition to my vocab.
Since I have been on vacation the whole weekend I didn't have much time to find anything new to post.

So this would be a perfect time to post about one of my favorite local artist. I met Renee at last year's Handmade Market (I use 'met' loosely here). I stopped by Wolfie + the Sneak's booth and feel in love with their work. I bought a calendar which brightens my work cube every day. I wish I had bought more because she has less stuff on her etsy site nowadays. The image on the left is the July image from my fav little calendar. I have plans to make something really cool out of all the images when this year is up ... but I have a few months to go! The image to the right is from the farmer's market series. Doesn't it make you hungry for some fresh fruit and a yummy slice of tomato.

I also have another one of her pieces hanging in my house. I am considering getting the Summer & Spring but I need to find the right place for them to hang out. Maybe in the kitchen!

Images from
Wolfie + the Sneak

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